Ginza Repro Surgery provides completely custom-made compression stockings in cooperation with medical equipment manufacturers according to the patient’s body and edema condition.
Lymphedema in the lower limbs initially appears on one side, but over time, water may accumulate in the perineum or pelvis, and furthermore, edema may occur in the other leg.
The compression stockings offered by Ginza Repro Surgery incorporate a special feature that prevents lymphatic fluid retention by stimulating the perineum and pelvic area. This prevents the other leg from being affected.

These compression stockings can be purchased at 30% of the cost (with a maximum limit) with a letter of instruction.
*A consultation with our physician is required for the issuance of a letter of instruction.

Do you have any of these problems?

Cannot find the right size

Compression stockings that do not fit properly can put stress on joints and make it difficult to move. In addition, if they cut into the skin or create wrinkles, they may stop the flow of lymph.

Numbness and pain.

Compression stockings with excessive pressure can cause numbness and pain. They can cause blockage of arteries and veins, resulting in poor blood flow and congestion.

Not knowing where to buy them or not being able to consult with a hospital about how to use them.

Many patients want to purchase compression stockings but do not actually know which facility to purchase from or how to properly use them.
Many hospitals including ones specializing in cancer cannot provide guidance due to the large number of patients.

It is troublesome to wear them every day

Some people purchase compression stockings but cannot continue to wear them every day because they are too cumbersome. Edema progresses when they skip wearing them.

Features of Ginza Repro compression stockings

Usually, compression stockings are sized to fit the thicker leg, so the other leg will be loose. Even if only on one leg if affected, water will eventually accumulate in the perineum and pelvis adversely affecting the other leg. In addition, wearing one-legged stockings may cause venous congestion and impede lymphatic flow because of the tightness of the stockings. It is essential for lymphedema patients to use stockings with appropriate compression and the right size.

Completely custom-made, compression stockings that fit you perfectly.

With the cooperation of medical device manufacturers, we can make elastic stockings completely custom-made, taking into consideration the patient’s body and edema condition.

No pain and no numbness because they are custom-made

We measure the compression using a special machine and make each pair of stockings to order.
Since the stockings are made to order, they can be worn with the proper amount of pressure. Therefore there is no burden on the tissues, and the stockings can be worn without pain or numbness.

The “Lymph Room” where you can consult with us about anything.

In the Lymphatic Room, we will check the condition and pressure of your compression stocking and instruct you on how to wear them for the first time. We will follow up with you properly, so even those who tend to skip wearing stockings because they are troublesome can consult with us at ease.

Points to consider when choosing your stockings

A size that fits you.

Since they are completely custom-made, we will provide each patient with not only the size but also the best compression for the purpose of lymphedema treatment.

Is it easy to wear and use?

Compression stockings are very difficult to wear due to their high compression. The stockings we provide are designed to be worn by those who have difficulty applying pressure on their fingertips, for example, patients undergoing anticancer drug treatment.

Are they easy to care for?

For hygienic use, we ask you to wash the stockings every day. You can machine wash them in a laundry net.

Consultation on how to use the product.

If you have any questions about how to use the product, please contact us. We will also be happy to help you if your symptoms change.

Differences from store bought compression stockings

A compression pressure of 30mmHg or more is required for the treatment of lymphedema, and class 2 or higher is recommended. If purchased with insurance, they must meet this requirement. Therefore, they are different from those sold commercially in drugstores.
For more information, please refer to the table below.

Pressure Condition
Less than 20mmHg Prevention of deep vein thrombosis
Prevention of varicose veins
Healthy patients, edema due to other diseases
20~30mmHg Mild varicose veins
Geriatric varicose veins
30~40mmHg Lower limbs varicose veins
Venous thrombotic sequelae (thrombotic sequelae group)
Mild lymphedema
40~50mmHg Severe edema, Varicose veins and after effects of venous thrombosis with dystrophic skin (thrombotic sequelae group)
50mmHg or more Severe lymphedema



Compression garments can be purchased at a 30% cost (a doctor’s order is required)

Regarding payment of medical expenses related to compression garments, etc. for the treatment of lymphedema in the extremities

Purchase costs

Medical expenses for the purchase of compression garments are provided by the government.

Compression stockings are very expensive because they are highly functional. However, compression stockings for improving swelling caused by lymphedema are provided by the government. The outline is as follows.

  • The maximum is 28,000 yen per stocking.
    • 25,000 yen for one leg
  • The actual amount paid will vary depending on the co-payment ratio.
    • If you pay 30% and receive the maximum reimbursement, 28,000 yen x 70% = 19,600 yen will be actually transferred to your bank account.
  • The pressure requirement is 30mmHg or higher
    • However, 20 mmHg or higher is possible if prescribed by a doctor.
  • Up to 2 items can be purchased at one time for each area of wear.
    • Deterioration over time is taken into account, if more than 6 months have passed since the last purchase, you will be reimbursed again when you purchase again.
  • Please apply to your own insurer (insurance company reception desk, etc.)
    • To apply, you will need your doctor’s “Instructions for Application of Elastic Clothes, etc.”, medical expenses payment application form, receipt at the time of purchase, insurance card, signature stamp, and account number.
    • After 1 to 3 months of screening, a “Notice of Grant Decision” will be mailed, and the money will be transferred in about a week.

Please inquire about the procedure at the time of purchase.

Lymphatic Room (by appointment only) where you can consult directly with a health professional about your lymphedema problems.

In addition to surgical procedures, daily care of lymphedema, including moderate exercise, wearing compression garments, lymphatic drainage, and skin management, is very important.
We provide total support for the treatment of lymphedema.
In addition, for those who are not performing lymphatic drainage or are unable to continue it due to time or financial constraints, we provide guidance on how to perform our original Ginza Repro lymphatic drainage method.

Many of our patients are satisfied with the results, as they are able to improve numbness, pain, heaviness, and redness by following the instructions provided.
There is a charge of 5,500 yen (tax included) for the use of the lymphatic room.
*A letter of instruction is required to purchase stockings with insurance. A consultation by our doctor is required for the issuance of a letter of instruction, and a consultation fee will be charged.

Procedure to Purchase

Make an Appointment
Please make an appointment and visit us at the clinic.

Medical Examination
Medical interview, visual examination, palpation, size measurement, and echocardiography (if necessary)
*This is different from a surgical examination.

Issuance of instructions
If the results of the consultation indicate that the stocking is suitable, we will issue a letter of instruction.

Measurements will be taken and the custom made stocking is ordered.

Return to the hospital
You will be asked to come back to the hospital 7-10 days later when the compression stockings are ready.

You will wear the stockings and learn how to use them.

Although hectopascal hPa is now used for the notation of pressure, here we use the conventional pressure mmHg of mercury column in the insurance coverage documents.
1 mmHg=1.333 hPa (European standard 1998)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of compression stockings?

    Compression stocking is a form of compression therapy that reduces and maintains the swelling of lymphedema. Compression therapy is an important part of the treatment for lymphedema.

  • When should I wear elastic stockings?

    They should be worn during the day, when the feet are positioned lower than the heart. They should be worn as soon as possible after waking up and removed before bathing or going to bed.

  • Who should not wear elastic stockings? (contraindications)

    Do not wear elastic stockings if you have inflammation such as cellulitis. Consult your doctor if you have any other festering skin wounds, severe arterial circulation problems, severe diabetes or heart disease, or if you are being treated for high blood pressure.

  • Are there any dangers associated with compression stockings?

    Compression stockings can cause a rash and numbness or pain due to incorrect sizing. Wearing stockings with excessive pressure can cause blockage of arteries and veins, resulting in poor blood flow and congestion.

  • Where can I purchase elastic stockings?

    Please be sure to only use stockings made for lymphedema treatment, not stockings sold over-the-counter at drugstores, etc. Although you may find medical stockings for sale on e-commerce sites, we recommend that you consult a specialist or an expert to measure the compression before purchasing. At Ginza Repro Surgery, we offer compression stockings that are completely custom made to fit each patient.

  • What is the difference between commercially available compression stockings and medical elastic stockings?

    Commercially available compression stockings are intended to care for swelling, promote blood circulation, and provide pelvic support for healthy people. Elastic stockings used to treat lymphedema are for medical use and have a different compression pressure than those readily available for purchase.

  • What are the advantages of custom-made elastic stockings?

    Custom made stockings are created to the patient’s exact size and compression pressure, therefore, they do not make it difficult to move joints, cut into the skin, or cause pain and numbness. Ginza Repro Surgery’s custom made products also incorporate a special feature that prevents the other side of the body from being affected.


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永尾 光一 先生

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